5 Reasons Why Harry Kane Will Thrive At Bayern Munich

But How Many Goals Will He Bag?

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5 Reasons Why Harry Kane Will Thrive At Bayern Munich

There have been a flurry of big money moves this summer, from Chelsea's never-ending spending spree to the rise in moves to Saudi clubs, but the move that dominated headlines this summer was where Harry Kane's destination would be. The big question was where would he go? There are only so much clubs who can afford such a big name, but also know how to utilise him correctly. Fast forward Bayern Munich.

Here's why we think Harry Kane is such a great fit for such a massive club.



1. Tactical Brilliance

Bayern Munich's style of play seamlessly aligns with Harry Kane's attributes as a striker. The club emphasizes possession-based football, quick passing, and attacking ability. Kane's exceptional skill to locate space, hold up play, and finish with precision and strength makes him a suitable fit for Bayern's tactical prowess. Their counter attacking and switch play football has already proved a massive success with Kane already.

2. Goal-Scoring Machine

One of the main reasons Bayern Munich pursued Harry Kane is his remarkable goal-scoring record for Spurs. Kane regularly ranks among the top scorers in the Premier League, showcasing his ability to find the back of the net with ease, he even bagged 30 last season. His lethal finishing and intelligent movement will undoubtedly reinforce Bayern's attacking options. The question is, will he appear better than Lewandowski did?

3. Versatility and Adaptability

Harry Kane's versatility on the pitch is another variable that attracted Bayern Munich. Not only can he lead and hold the line as a traditional big man up top, but he can also drop deep to link up play and create opportunities for his teammates. This adaptability will provide Bayern with tactical flexibility and multiple attacking dimensions, he has already proven this with his ability to assist goals for Bayern.

4. Winning Mentality

Bayern Munich is a club with a rich history of success, and Harry Kane shares the same winning mentality, despite not having much to show for it. Throughout his career, Kane has consistently displayed leadership qualities and a hunger for trophies. His desire to win matches perfectly aligns with Bayern's ambitions, making him an invaluable asset to the squad, maybe he now he might win a trophy (or two!).


5. Ethos and Work Ethic

Bayern Munich places great emphasis on a disciplined work ethic, hard work, and professional ethos. Harry Kane's captaincy for club and country is the perfect thing to have on his CV. His commitment to improvement and his desire to go the extra mile will undoubtedly earn him respect from both teammates and fans alike.

How many goals do you think Kane will bag in his first season?


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