Football's Most Controversial Haircuts

We Looked At Football's Worst Hairstyles So You Didn't Have To

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Football's Most Controversial Haircuts

Footballers are known for their skill, athleticism, and flare, what they are not known for is their hairstyles and questionable fashion choices, especially when it comes to hairstyles. From dodgy dye jobs to absurdly shaped haircuts, some footballers have truly pushed the boundaries of good taste. Get ready to take a hilarious trip down memory lane and explore some of the worst hairstyles in football history. Some footballers need to learn to tackle their bad hair days just as well as they tackle their opponents on the field, let us know below if you cringed, laughed, or wondered what on earth these players were thinking.



Probably the most iconic cut on this list, Ronaldo suffered recurring injuries prior to the 2002 World Cup so this haircut was a ploy to direct people's attention towards his head & not his injury history. We are still talking about in 2023 so it must have worked...


David Beckham

‘I think I’d had a glass of wine or two.' Beckham said in response to be asked about his cornrows, 'I was in holiday mode when I had them done – I was with a friend who’s a hairdresser and who’s very good at cornrows. Beckham sported a lot of haircuts in his time, this definitely took the cake.


Giovanni Simeone

Son of famous coach Diego Simeone, Giovanni was rated as a top prospect as a youngster and now is currently on loan in Napoli. Young Giovanni turned up to River Plate’s training ground with the crazy do, turning a few heads in the process. This one makes absolutely no sense



Carlos Valderrama

The mop of blonde, curly frizz makes Valderrama one of the most recognisable characters in football history. Rocking the hair all the way into his 60s, the Columbina international was a cult icon to footballs fans for his effortless looks, we're a big fan of this one.


Taribo West

Once expressing interest from the likes of Manchester United & Real Madrid, Taribo spent most of his career dotted around but spent most of his time with Auxerre & Inter Milan finding moderate success. West labelled his hairstyle as one of the most precious things he cherished in his career.



Abel Xavier

This is just one of Abel Xavier's questionable cuts, there's been a few. The ex Premier League star was most likely remembered for his sense of style as opposed to his style of play, changing teams as many times as changing haircuts.



The world of football has seen more hair don'ts than hair do's, are there any you can think of that we missed?

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