Just Pulled! - Another 1 of 1 For The Books!

EPL Prizm 2023/24

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Just Pulled! - Another 1 of 1 For The Books!
We’ve just pulled 1 of 1 Robin Van Persie Black Prizm Auto from the highly sought-after EPL Prizm 2023/24 set! The epic moment took place on our go-to breaking platform, Whatnot, adding another thrilling 1 of 1 to our card-breaking record. Just another day at the office for us, and we have more rare treasures waiting to find their way into your PC. Don't miss out on the upcoming breaks for a chance to be part of the excitement!
This year, the EPL Prizm 2023/24 set is stealing the spotlight, and it's easy to see why. Its stunning design and the sheer joy of ripping make each break an experience. There's plenty more excitement to come, be part of the action by joining us. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the scene, there's something for everyone and you don’t need to take part to enjoy. The next 1 of 1 autograph card could be yours – don't miss the chance to add a showstopper to your collection.
You can find our Whatnot channels here.
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