Our Pre Order Round Up: March

Some Of The Hottest Releases Right Now

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Our Pre Order Round Up: March

Get ready, trading card enthusiasts, because 2023 is about to explode with an epic lineup of new releases! From the biggest and most popular collections, to brand new decks hitting the scene, there's an absolute treasure trove of excitement on the horizon. Brace yourself for a rundown of the absolute best of what's to come, because you'll want to be the first in line to grab these hot new cards. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get your pre-orders in now, because this year is going to be an absolute monster for trading card fanatics.


2022 Panini Limited Football

Look for 2 autographs (including 1 RPA), 1 memorabilia card, 1 base parallel, and 1 2004 Limited Tribute per box on average.

A Hobby favorite- Limited Football returns featuring classic Rookie Patch Autographs of the 2022 NFL Draft Class!

Collect the beautiful Ring of Honor Autographs insert, featuring some of the most legendary players from your favorite NFL franchises!

Look for 2004 Limited Tribute cards featuring both rookies and vets on vintage, throwback design, and chase the SSP Limited Editon Parallels falling 1 per case!

Look for dual-player cards such as Partnership Duals, Team Tandems, and the all-new Dynamic Duos featuring some of the most dynamic pairings in NFL history and pairings from the 2022 Rookie class!

Look for Rookie Patch Autographs Jumbo featuring oversized prime jerseys! Plus, find Rookie Booklets of all the top Rookies from the 2022 Class!

Collect the entire 100-card base set featuring players from all 32 NFL teams! Returning in 2022- Hunt for Rookie Patch Autographs! This memorabilia set is numbered to 299 or less and features all of the top Prospects from the 2022 NFL Draft Class! Returning to Limited in 2022- Find jumbo-sized jersey swatch variations in the Rookie Patch Autographs Jumbo set! Each card is numbered to 299 or less!

A fan favourite, look for Ring of Honor Autographs returning in 2022, featuring some of the biggest names in NFL history! Returning in 2022- Chase the always-popular Rookie Autographs, featuring 60 up-and-coming Rookies from this year’s class, numbered to 199 or less! Collect this 30-card autograph insert that has been a staple in Limited for many years! Sequentially numbered to 99 or less!

Returning in 2022- Chase oversized swatches featuring the top rookies from 2022 draft class, in Unlimited Potential! Be on the lookout for 2004 Limited Tribute cards featuring 60 of the top rookies and 40 of the best veterans in the NFL, and keep an eye out for the SSP Limited Edition parallels falling 1 per case! New to Limited Football in 2022- Look for Gameday Aesthetics! This autograph insert will feature some of the most iconic and notable players whose styles shaped the gridiron forever!



2022 Panini Contenders Football

Look for 5 autographs (including 1 on-card), 1 parallel, and 18 inserts per box on average. 

Chase the iconic Rookie Tickets which feature on-card autographs from all the best and brightest young talent the NFL has to offer which include: Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder, Aidan Hutchinson, and many more!

Hunt for the Rookie Ticket Variations as well, which have unique photography and characteristics, setting it apart from the regular Rookie Ticket!

Look for the Hobby-exclusive Rookie Clear Ticket, SSP Rookie Clear Ticket Mosaic, and the brand new 2002 Rookie Ticket RPS!

Look for brand new inserts in 2022 Contenders such as- Contenders Series, Touchdown Tandems, Contenders Pennants and Crown Jewels!

Search for insert autographs from the best of the best in: NFL Ink,
Legendary Contenders Autographs, MVP Contenders Autographs, Coaches Ticket and Sunday Ticket Signatures!

Look for a 100-card Season Ticket base checklist that includes all the best and brightest stars of the NFL! Look for the iconic Rookie Ticket RPS with all the top Rookies in the NFL, featuring a stunning ticket design including an On-Card Autograph! Find the always-popular and rare Cracked Ice parallel of the Rookie Tickets! These stunning autographed parallels are max numbered to /22!

Only found in the Hobby SKUs, look for the homage to the 2002 Rookie Ticket RPS of all the brightest young stars the NFL has to offer! With their greatness exemplified on the field, look for on- card signatures from some of the greats to take the field! Found only in Hobby SKUs- Chase the parallels of the new insert: Contenders Series featuring some of the most iconic rivalries in the NFL!

Find Silver, Gold, and Platinum parallels of the Rookie Ticket RPS set on metal, only available in Hobby SKUs! New in 2022 Contenders- Find a unique Die- Cut Insert featuring some of the biggest and brightest Stars in the NFL today! Hunt for the all-new die-cut insert Crown Jewels, featuring some of the top veterans in the NFL today! 



2022 Panini Obsidian Football

2022 Panini Obsidian

Obsidian Football is back in 2022, with sleek, black opti-chrome technology paired with Electric Etched parallels to provide collectors a stunning look unlike any other product!

Chase some of the best veteran, retired, and up-and-coming players autographs in Matrix Material Autos, Lightning Strike, and Aurora Autos!

Returning in 2022- Look for the always-popular inserts such as Color Blast Black, Tunnel Vision, Supernova, and Vitreous! Additionally, be on the lookout for brand new inserts
Magmatic Signatures, Orbital, and Galaxy Ink!

Find all-new Electric Etch Neon Mojo parallels, #’d/5!

Find patch autographs from all the top 2022 NFL rookies, including Kenny Pickett, Aidan Hutchinson, Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Treylon Burks, and many more!

Look for a 100-card base set with each NFL team represented by their top players! Chase 100 Rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft Class with eye-popping electric etch parallels! Find stunning Electric Etch Jersey Autographs of the hottest Rookies in the 2022 Draft Class!

Hunt for even more Rookie autographed memorabilia cards with Rookie Jersey Ink! Chase all of the different parallels numbered from 99 or less! Obsidian Football is back with Matrix Materials Autographs! Returning in 2022, chase the star-studded 16 card checklist! New to Obsidian in 2022- Hunt for Magmatic Signatures! Featuring a 25-player list of some of the NFL’s Best on stunning Opti-Chrome!



2022/23 Panini Origins Basketball

2022 Panini Obsidian Basketball

Origins is back for the 2022-23 NBA Season! Look for a stunning display of Autograph, Memorabilia and Insert/Parallel Content!

Search for on-card autographs of hot rookies from the 2022-23 NBA Draft and a blend of current and retired players in Rookie Autographs and the new Elevation Signatures and Universal Autographs! Find One-of-a-Kind parallels in each set!

Find the new Hobby-exclusive Tiger Eyes SSP insert and look for a brand new lineup of inserts this year in Origins, including Dawn, Team Origins and Roots of Greatness!

Find an incredible lineup of parallel content in the Base set, which includes Veterans and Rookies from across the league! Look for the following Hobby exclusive parallels: Red, Blue, Orange, Neon Green, Turqoise, White, Gold, Green, and the one-of-a-kind Black Parallel!

Chase the popular Booklet cards in Six Star Signatures and Rookie Auto Booklet Patches! Look for One-of-a-Kind Black parallels in each set!

Look for a stunning display of Rookie Patch Autograph content this year in Origins! Find parallels numbered to as low as 1 of the top rookies for this year!

Search for autographs from some of the best names in the NBA, old and new, in the Universal Autographs set! Chase rookies including Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith Jr. in the new Elevation Signatures and the popular Rookie Autographs cards! 

Brand new to Origins this year! Collect the brand new Hobby exclusive inserts including Dawn, Team Origins, Roots of Greatness, and Tiger Eyes! Look for a wide variety of names throughout these sets including rookies, vets and legends!

Find Hobby-exclusive Base Parallels for vets and incoming 2022-23 NBA Rookies including: Red, Blue, Orange, Neon Green, Turqoise, White, Gold, Green, and the one-of-a-kind Black Parallel! 



Have you landed any of these sets yet, if so which is your favourite?

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