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Want To Be A Part Of Our Team?
Are you a football fanatic? Do you have a passion for collecting cards? Well, you're in luck because Sports Trading Cards UK is hiring! We're on the lookout for individuals who are as crazy about football and cards as we are.
We're not your average trading card company. We're a bunch of football fanatics who are obsessed with collecting and trading cards. We believe that every card tells a story and holds a piece of history.

What Positions Are Available?

We are looking for a Soccer Breaker over on Whatnot & TikTok Live, if this is something you have experience with please enquire! Don't forget to send this to any breakers you might know, we want to hear from you! To apply, simply send us an email at support@sportstradingcardsuk.com with your CV and a brief description of why you're the perfect fit for Sports Trading Cards UK. Don't forget to include your favorite football team and your most prized trading card!
So what are you waiting for? Join the team at Sports Trading Cards UK and turn your passion into a career. We can't wait to welcome you to our quirky and football-obsessed family,
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