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Goldin Auction Consignment Services



 As an Official Partner of Goldin we offer a consignment program for cards to be submitted to Goldin Auctions.



How to Submit Cards for Sale at Goldin Auctions

Please follow these simple steps to send your cards to be submitted for sale at Goldin Auctions.

  1. Choose how many cards you want to send for auction, cards must have an estimated minimum value of $50.
  2. Compete the details of all cards being sent on the product page.
  3. Agree to our consignment terms.
  4. Complete your order for submission to Goldin Auctions.
  5. Pack your cards and post them to the following address:

Sports Trading Cards Uk,Block 7, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF

     6.   We will email you to confirm receipt of your cards once they arrive.

     7.    Cards are currently shipped monthly (this may change due to volumes) and will be submitted in the next available auction once processed by Goldin. We won’t be able to guarantee a specific auction week.

     8.   It will take around 14 days on average for payments to be processed to us. Once received we will convert from dollars to Uk sterling. Payments will be made via bank transfer.

Please note we do not offer valuations for submitted cards 


Goldin Auction will wire transfer the payout to us, and we will payout directly to your Uk bank account in GBP at 1.5% above the XE USD rate that day.




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