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Will are still operating as normal. Please be aware that there are possible delays on all postal services.
Will are still operating as normal. Please be aware that there are possible delays on all postal services.

2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 12ct Blaster Box

Sold out
  • 12 packs per box
  • 4 cards per pacl

Look for hard-signed autographs and sports memorabilia cards!

5 Minis Per Box (On Average)


2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions delivers a beautifully designed, vintage themed 225-card set and includes additional all-new ‘outside-the-box’ memorabilia and relics.

Collect your favorite Baseball stars from past and present plus champions and phenoms from other realms of sport.

Content Highlights

    • Hard-signed autographs.
    • Memorabilia cards.
    • Animal Kingdom patch cards.
    • Printing plates.
  • Get Ten (5) Goodwin Champions Minis per box.
    • Look for rare hand-numbered Magician Back and Presidential Back parallels.
  • All New – Rare, Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages.
    • Hand painted, 1-of-1 renditions of up to 300 masterpieces from legends such as DaVinci, Van Gogh and Monet.
  • All New – End of Days science fiction stories.
    • True lenticular cards celebrating the golden age of science fiction.
    • Collect two (2) separate 21-card storylines.
      • Global Warming storyline.
      • Alien Invasion storyline.
    • Look for rare artist autographed variations.
  • All New – Museum Collection Relics focused on the Wild West.
    • Includes materials like vintage railroad items, gambling saloon items, American Indian items, and Gold.
  • All New – Animal Kingdom patch cards.
    • Expand on the popular set by collecting cards AK-201 through AK-300.
    • Falling five (5) per case.
  • All New – The Elements.
    • The Periodic Table of Elements comes to life in 2013 Goodwin Champions.
    • Rare booklet relic cards featuring the building blocks of all matter in the known universe.
    • Look for up to forty (40) different cards in 2013... including Platinum.
  • All New – Wonders of the Universe.
    • Discover the universe itself with breathtaking imagery.
    • Falling five (5) box.
    • Collect the entire 60-card set, including short prints.
  • Look for the return of meteorite cards with up to ten all new It Came From Space relics.
  • Look for Sport Royalty hard-signed autographs and Sport Royalty Memorabilia cards from some of the greatest athletes across every realm of sport.

Product Breakdown

  • Hard-Signed Autographed Cards
    • Autograph Series.
    • Sport Royalty Autographs.
    • End of Days Artist Autographs.
  • Memorabilia and Relic Cards
    • Memorabilia Series.
    • Dual Swatch Memorabilia.
    • Presidential Memorabilia.
    • Presidential Dual Swatch Memorabilia.
    • Sport Royalty Memorabilia.
    • Animal Kingdom Patches.
    • It Came From Space Relics.
    • Museum Collection Relics.
    • The Elements.
  • Inserts and Parallel Cards
    • Minis.
    • Minis – Lady Luck Back.
    • Minis – Canvas.
    • Minis – Magician Back (# to 13).
    • Minis – Presidential Back (# to 1).
    • Goodwin Masterpieces – Art of the Ages (# to 1).
    • Wonders of the Universe.
    • End of Days - Global Warming.
    • End of Days – Alien Invasion.
  • Base Set
    • Regular Cards – 150 cards.
    • Short Prints – 40 cards.
    • Super Short Prints – 20 cards.
    • High Series Minis – 15 cards.