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2019 Rittenhouse Lost in Space Season 1 Trading Cards Box

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Original price £90.00
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Each Box contains Two Big Hits, including Dual and Single Autograph Cards, Costume Relic Cards, and Sketch Cards!

Collect the 72-Card Base Set consisting of 6 Plot Synopsis cards for each Season One Episode, plus Behind the Scenes and Special Effects Cards!


- 10 Juan Ortiz Episode Cards
- 10 Quotable Cards
- 8 Character Cards
- 6 Jupiter Cards
- 6 Chariot Cards
- 8 Juan Ortiz Character Cards
- 8 Character Metal Parallel Cards

Partial List of Dual Autograph Combinations: (Minimum of 2 Dual Autographs in Every Case)

Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson)/Toby Stephens (John Robinson)
Bill Mumy (Dr. Smith)/Parker Posey (Dr. Smith)
Parker Posey (Dr. Smith)/Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson)
Mina Sundwall (Penny Robinson)/Ajay Friese (Vijay Dhar)
Ignacio Serricchio (Don West)/Anna Maria Demara (Tam Soderquist)

Partial List of Single Autograph Signers:

Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson)
Bill Mumy (Dr. Zachary Smith)
Toby Stephens (John Robinson)
Raza Jaffrey (Victor Dhar)
Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson)
Ajay Friese (Vijay Dhar)
Mina Sundwall (Penny Robinson)
Cary Tagawa (Hiroki Watanabe)
Taylor Russell (Judy Robinson)
Kiki Sukezane (Aiko Watanabe)
Parker Posey (Dr. Smith)
Sibo Mlambo (Angela)
Ignacio Serricchio (Don West)
and more!

Set Composition:

72 Base cards, including 6 plot synopsis cards for each episode!

Bonus sets include:

- 8 Lost In Space Character Cards, including THE ROBOT (1:48 Packs)
- 8 Metal Character Parallel Cards (1:96 Packs)
- 6 Lost In Space/Jupiter Cards (1:48 Packs)
- 6 Lost In Space/Chariot Cards (1:48 Packs)
- 10 Quotable Lost In Space Cards (1:24 Packs)
- 8 Juan Ortiz /Lost In Space Character Art Cards (1:48 Packs)
- 10 Juan Ortiz/Lost In Space Episode Cards (1:24 Packs)
- 8 Lost In Space Relic Cards
- One-of-a-kind Lost In Space Sketch Cards, including Artists Carlos Cabaleiro, Warren Martineck, Charles Hall and Louise Draper

24 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack 

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