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2019 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Value Pack

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  • 12 cards per pack

Topps Stadium Club Baseball returns in 2019 showcasing unique and exciting imagery of modern-day stars, rookies, and legends.

Delivering captivating photography that captures a wide array of beautiful imagery from the Major League Baseball® season. Base card shots include game-changing plays, player celebrations, fun moments and iconic retired players.


300 cards Representing the greatest players in Major League Baseball®, past, present and future, on full-bleed designs using iconic images.


  • Black Foil
  • Red Foil – Limited
  • Sepia Parallel – RETAIL ONLY
  • Rainbow Foilboard – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • First Day Issue – Limited
  • Members Only – 1 per case
  • Photographer’s Proof 


Base Chrome Parallels

  • Chrome Refractor
  • Chrome Gold Minted
  • Chrome Autograph – Numbered to 10 or less
  • Chrome Autograph SuperFractor – Numbered 1-of-1


10 stars are celebrated on cards embellished with chrome refractor technology.

  • Red Parallel – Numbered to 50
  • Black Parallel - Numbered to 25
  • Orange Parallel - Numbered to 10
  • Gold Rainbow Parallel - Numbered 1-of-1


Beam Team

Featuring an all-new Beam Team design, featuring 25 of the game’s best. 

NEW! Warp Speed

Taking inspiration from the 1990s insert, Warp Speed showcases the fastest players in Major League Baseball®. 

Power Zone

Taking inspiration from the 1990s insert sets, Power Zone highlights batters who make hitting the long ball look effortless

NEW! Emperors of the Zone

Taking inspiration from the 1990s insert set, Emperors of the Zone will include the best pitchers in the game. 

All these inserts have the following parallels available

  • Red Parallel – 1 per case
  • Black Parallel - Numbered to 99
  • Orange Parallel - Numbered to 50
  • Gold Rainbow Parallel - Numbered 1-of-1


Base Autograph Cards

On-card autograph versions of the base cards


  • Red Foil – Numbered to 50
  • Black Foil – Numbered to 25
  • Orange Parallel – Number to 5 RETAIL ONLY 
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