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2019 Upper Deck Flair Marvel Hobby Βox


Flair Marvel

2019 Flair Marvel Base Cards

Providing all new artwork, the 90-card base set in 2019 Flair Marvel offers the talent of Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave DeVries, Kathryn Steele, Ray Lago and Tom Fleming, among others.
There are versions signed by the artists themselves, as well.

Falling one per pack, the 60-card Flairium subset specifically highlights the work of E.M. Gist, Jeff Easley, Jim Pavelec, Jonathan Wayshak, Peach Momoko, and Sean “Cheeks” Galloway. Chase options include artist autograph versions.

2019 Flair Marvel Inserts

With one specialty insert expected in each pack, the 2019 Flair Marvel checklist also works in a lot of variety. There are 37 different Pieces of Flair cards, which incorporate manufactured patches that mimic the look of famous comic book corners.

Other options include Lucky 8’s, which are a new take on Precious Metal Gems (PMG), as well as the plexiglass Stained Glass, LTFX-based Power Blast Spectrum, and Through the Ages, which compares the transformation of a character from their comic debut versus the present period.

In addition, Singularity uses silhouettes to display famous heroes while the die-cut Totemic Teams is done in a way that allows collectors to “stack” those aligned with specific groups.

2019 Flair Marvel Buybacks / Sketch Cards

Among the rarest card choices are the hand-drawn Sketch cards and the original Buyback cards from the 1994 Flair Marvel and 1995 Flair Marvel sets.


  • PIECES OF FLAIR – Manufactured patches designed from iconic comic book corners. Collect all 37!
  • SINGULARITY – Collaged character cards within corresponding silhouettes.
  • STAINED GLASS – Plexiglass cards inspired by stained glass artistry.
  • TOTEMIC TEAMS – Collect and stack notable teams from the Marvel Universe!
  • LUCKY 8’s – A new design take on the classically inspired Precious Metal Gems.
  • THROUGH THE AGES – Take a look at characters and how they have changed from their initial appearance to modern day!


  • 90 Card Base Set featuring all original art!
    • Find Artist Autographed Cards!
  • Look for New and Throwback Premium Insert Designs, such as the Power Blast Spectrum, Pieces of Flair Patch Cards, Singularity, Stained Glass Plexiglas Cards, Totemic Teams, Lucky 8’s, and Through the Ages!
  • Find 1994 & 1995 Flair Marvel Buybacks!
  • 60 Card Flairium Insert Set Shines the Spotlight on 6 Notable Artists:
    • Peach Momoko, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Jeff Esley, Jim Pavelec, E.M. Gist, and Jonathan Wayshak
    • Look for Artist Autographed Flairium Cards!
  • 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!
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