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2020 Panini Legacy Football Hobby Pack

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8 Cards Per Pack

2020 Panini Legacy Football Hobby Pack

Legacy football returns for 2020 with a few new collectible twists!

New for 2020, find Dare to Tear and mini cards!

Collect the 200-card base set that includes 100 veterans, 40 legends, and 60 rookies.

Each box will deliver 2 autographs, multiple parallels, mini cards, and opti-chrome cards.

Look for mini opti-chrome parallels of the Base, Rookies, and Legends sets. Also look for rare Rookies Variations!


BASE: Find 100 of the most-collectible players in the NFL! Also, look for rare autograph and mini opti-chrome parallels!

Base - not #'d
Base Red - #'d/299
Base Orange - #'d/199
Base Yellow - #'d/165
Base Green - #'d/100
Base Blue - #'d/50
Base Indigo - #'d/25
Base Violet - #'d/10
Base Premium Edition Silver Mini - not #'d
Base Premium Edition Bronze Mini - #'d/100
Base Premium Edition Ruby Mini - #'d/75
Base Premium Edition Sapphire Mini - #'d/50
Base Premium Edition Gold Mini - #'d/25
Base Premium Edition Emerald Mini - Dare to Tear Exclusive
Base Premium Edition Diamond Mini - #'d/10
Base Premium Edition Platinum Mini - one-of-one

ROOKIES: The top rookies of the 2020 NFL Draft are included in this 60-card checklist. Look for Premium opti-chrome, mini opti-chrome, and autographed parallels!

Rookies - not #'d
Rookies Red - #'d/299
Rookie Orange - #'d/199
Rookies Yellow - #'d/165
Rookies Green - #'d/100
Rookies Blue - #'d/50
Rookies Indigo - #'d/25
Rookies Violet - #'d/10
Rookies Premium Edition Diamond - one-of-one
Rookies Premium Penmanship Silver - not #'d
Rookies Premium Penmanship Bronze - max #'d/100
Rookies Premium Penmanship Ruby - max #'d/50
Rookies Premium Penmanship Sapphire - max #'d/35
Rookies Premium Penmanship Gold - max #'d/25
Rookies Premium Penmanship Diamond - max #'d/10
Rookies Premium Penmanship Platinum - one-of-one

LEGENDS: Only Legends make the cut for this checklist. Collect the mini opti-chrome parallels as well!

Legends Red - #'d/299
Legends Orange - #'d/199
Legends Yellow - #'d/165
Legends Green - #'d/100
Legends Blue - #'d/50
Legends Indigo - #'d/25
Legends Violet - #'d/10
Legends Black - one-of-one

FAN FAVORITES: Featuring stunning photography, these cards are sure to be fan favorites!

Fan Favorites Green - #'d/100
Fan Favorites Blue - #'d/50
Fan Favorites Indigo - #'d/25
Fan Favorites Violet - #'d/10
Fan Favorites Black - one-of-one

UNDER THE LIGHTS: Only the best play Under the Lights. Look for autographed parallels!

Under the Lights Silver - not #'d
Under the Lights Bronze - #'d/100
Under the Lights Ruby - #'d/50
Under the Lights Sapphire - #'d/35
Under the Lights Gold - #'d/25
Under the Lights Diamond - #'d/10
Under the Lights Platinum - oneof-one
Under the Lights Silver Autographs - not #'d

DARE TO TEAR: To tear or not to tear, that is the question. Find exclusive Emerald mini opti-chrome parallels inside Dare to Tear!

FUTURES PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: The future is bright for these 2020 NFL Draftees! Collect new parallels in 2020!

Futures Patch Autographs Silver - max #'d/399
Futures Patch Autographs Ruby - max #'d/100
Futures Patch Autographs Sapphire - max #'d/25
Futures Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
Futures Patch Autographs Diamond - #'d/5
Futures Patch Autographs Platinum - one-of-one


Futures Dual Patch Autographs Silver - max #'d/299
Futures Dual Patch Autographs Ruby - max #'d/100
Futures Dual Patch Autographs Sapphire - max #'d/25
Futures Dual Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
Futures Dual Patch Autographs Diamond - #'d/5
Futures Dual Patch Autographs Platinum - one-of-one


Futures Ink Combos Silver - max #'d/100
Futures Ink Combos Ruby - max #'d/25
Futures Ink Combos Sapphire - max #'d/25
Futures Ink Combos Gold - max #'d/10
Futures Ink Combos Diamond - max #'d/5
Futures Ink Combos Platinum - one-of-one


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