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Pre Order - 2022 Topps Gilded Collection Baseball Hobby Box

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  • 5 cards per pack.
  • 1 pack per box.

Look for 1 Gold Etch Chrome Rookie Autograph, 1 additional Gold Framed Autograph, and 3 Chrome Etched Chrome Base Cards per box on average.

Elegance and class reign supreme in this all-new premium product, 2022 Topps Gilded Collection Baseball, as the game’s royalty of the past and present get to shine with a beautiful arrangement of golden flourishes.

Build the entire 150-card Base Set of top legends, veterans, and rookies on a gold-embellished version of the Topps Chrome design.
Find 1 Gold Framed Autograph & 1 Gold Etch Chrome Autograph per box!

BASE CARDS: 150-card Chrome Base Set featuring a solid split of 50 Rookies, 50 Veterans, and 50 Legends of the game.

  • Base Set Gold Etch Refractor - #’d to 99
  • Mini-Diamond Gold Etch Parallel - #’d to 50
  • RayWave Gold Etch Parallel - #’d to 25
  • Lava Gold Etch Parallel - #’d to 10
  • SuperFractor Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Gold Framed Hall of Famer Autographs – Varied #’ing: A beautifully designed gold framed autograph card highlighting some of the most prolific Hall of Fame talents.

  • Emerald Parallel - #’d to 25
  • Onyx Parallel - #’d to 10
  • Ruby Parallel - #’d to 5
  • Platinum Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Gold Framed Hall of Famer Plaque Autographs – Varied #’ing: A tribute to Cooperstown’s beloved plaques, this gold framed design picks up the enshrinements with adding fresh flourishes.

  • Onyx Parallel - #’d to 10
  • Ruby Parallel - #’d to 5
  • Platinum Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Topps Chrome Gold Etch Autographs – Varied #’ing: Pulling from the newly gilded Topps Chrome designs from the Base set, find the top rookies and veterans on this beautiful mixture of gold and chrome.

  • Blue Parallel - #’d to 50
  • Rose Gold Parallel - #’d to 25
  • Red Parallel - #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Topps Gilded Collection Cut Signatures - #’d 1-of-1: Look for limited Cut Signatures featuring some of the most prolific athletes and influential historic and pop culture figures from the past:

  • Babe Ruth
  • Jim Thorpe
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • James Madison
  • and many more!


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