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Topps Alphonso Davies Curated Set - 'My Journey'



Topps have teamed with Alphonso Davies to create his very own card set - ‘My Journey’.

Davies’ set was curated in October 2021 in Munich, where he talked the Topps design team through a wish list for his trading card set. ‘My Journey’ highlights his progression through youth football into the Bayern team, before a season-by-season take on his biggest influences, teammates, and toughest opponents. The 50-card set also includes a look at some of the fastest players in the UEFA Champions League in the ‘Velocity’ subset.   

Each box includes 30 cards (6 packets) and includes a guaranteed parallel card numbered to 1/5/10/25/49/99.

Autographs: 1:3 boxes.
Davies autographs are numbered up to 1/5/10/25/49/99.
Selected Davies cards (5 subjects) are signed on-card, numbered to 1 and 5.

All other player autographs are numbered up to 1/5/10/25/49.



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