Meet The Collector: Rainy/@rainycitycards

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Rainy (@rainycitycards)

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Meet The Collector: Rainy/@rainycitycards

In our series, we meet different collectors in the hobby and feature important insights we gathered from our conversations with them. By delving into their personal experiences, we uncover details about their distinctive collections, the obstacles and successes they encountered while pursuing their hobbies, their most treasured items, and what drives their interests. This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Rainy (@rainycitycards), who offers a unique perspective. Rainy is now part of the STCUK community and currently conducts breaks for us on Whatnot. Take a sneak peek into our discussion.



What sport/sports do you follow the most?

My favourite sport to watch is basketball, however this is closely followed by baseball. When it comes to collecting, I'm obsessed with baseball cards due to its rich history.




You're not wrong! Who are your favourite team/teams?

I'm a massive New York Mets and New York Knicks fan. Outside of NBA and MLB, I've supported Man United from pretty much being in nappies...long before Sir Alex brought us lots of success.



That's a long time! How long have you been around the hobby?

Since summer 2021. Prior to being immersed in the Hobby, I used to collect football shirts and vinyl records. Cards take up less space so it keeps my family happy!



That's great! So you've still been involved in memorabilia. How did you get into sports cards?

I stumbled across a few Instagram accounts and I blame the algorithm for this as I never had intentions of collecting sports cards. This has led to me doing 2-3 breaks a week and hosting my own card show (Manchester Card Convention) in just less than two years.




That's exciting, sounds like you've really immersed yourself in this industry. What do you usually collect?

My PC primarily consists of Pete Alonso (NY Mets) and Ken Griffey Jr (Seattle Mariners). I'm also fond of collecting Bowman 1st cards of the big baseball prospects. This year's chase is Druw Jones.



Nice, do you have a favourite or 'go to' product?

Bowman is the king of baseball products, but my favourite is Topps Museum. 



What’s your favourite card you own?

My SGC 8 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr 1989 rookie. It's one of the most significant baseball cards of the past 30-35 years. My next goal is get it graded in either a PSA or SGC 9.


You'll have to let us know what it gets! Is there a card would you most like to own? Almost like a goal for your personal collection.

Although I've only got a handful of football cards in my PC, it would have to be a David Beckham auto from any National Treasures set. Growing up I dreamt of crossing a ball like him!


You can find Rainy and all his info & endeavors here, breaking live for us on Whatnot too! Go and show him some love.

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