Meet The Collector: Jack (@officialgbw/@tradewiicards)

We ask another collector from around the hobby about where they started

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Meet The Collector: Jack (@officialgbw/@tradewiicards)
In this series, we are meeting collectors from around the hobby and sharing insights from our conversations about their personal collections, the highs and lows of their collecting journey, their most treasured finds & getting a glimpse into what drives their passion. This week we spoke to Jack (@officialgbw/@tradewiicards) here's what they had to say...


Which sports do you spend most of your time watching?

I predominantly prefer football, which takes up most of my time. Sometimes a little bit of F1 too…


I think it takes up most of all our time, who do you support?

Queens Park Rangers Football Club. You Rs!


How long would you say you've been collecting, or is it a 'as long as I can remember' kind of thing?

I've been collecting since I was 5, I started with the Shoot Out cards and I haven’t looked back since. It wasn't until the season during lockdown 2020/2021 that I started collecting hobby cards, like a lot of other people.


What made you start so young, was there someone there to influence you?

Yeah, my parents buying me some packs of cards back in the day when I was younger got me hooked! When it comes to hobby cards I took a dive, several people who follow me recommended getting involved with some of the more expensive stuff to see what it’s all about!


Sounds great! What do usually collect?

QPR (we’re not very good so don’t get the chance to collect too many…), Valtteri Bottas, Ebere Eze, Charlie Austin, and just generally the cool cards, anything I like the look of & anything rare.


Have you got a favourite product at all?

Panini Obsidian… beautiful.

That's a great choice, now what about a favourite card? Do you have a standout card from your collection?

Topps Premier League Chrome 2018/19 Charlie Austin Superfractor 1/1.


And finally, what's your dream card? The one card you'd love to own...

Lionel Messi autograph, one day…
You can find Jack and all his links here, breaking live on Youtube, Twitch & Whatnot. Go and show him some love!
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Hi I have probably close to 10k in 1990- nfl cards I don’t collect them or no anytbung about them can this website help

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