Meet The Collector

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Laura (@break.royale_laura)

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Meet The Collector

If you're not familiar by now, this is the series where we delve into collector's personal journeys, we uncover insights about their exceptional collections, who they are, their achievements, their most cherished items, and what motivates their interests. This week, we had the pleasure of talking to Laura (@break.royale_laura), who offers a unique perspective. Laura is now part of the STCUK community,  let's get a sneak peek into our conversation.



Laura Simpson


What would you say is your favourite sport?

NFL! I was never massively into sports before, other than watching Snooker or Darts with my Dad! I can usually be found reading a book!


Nice! Do you have a particular team you follow? 

My partner (in life and card breaking!) Kyle steered me towards the Texans, but I actually love Mahomes and the KC Chiefs!


How can you not! Have you been collecting for long?

Kyle started before me and now has a lovely collection, but he would pass me any Mahomes cards he received, and now I have my own Mahomes collection which I started a couple of years ago.


How did you get into sports cards?

Kyle could not stop talking about them when he discovered them, and so quite quickly I leaned about the different NFL Football products.  We then started our own personal break wars whenever we could get hold of some packs! I seem to be quite lucky, I’ve pulled a Downtown from a retail pack and several 1/1s! Our little hobby became occasional breaking as Break Royale on Facebook, and has now progressed to several nights a week on Whatnot with STCUK! Its been an amazing journey and we have become part of a fun, growing community of sports card enthusiasts!


We know you're a big fan of Mahomes, is that what you tend to collect?

Yes! I’m a bit of a magpie and am drawn to anything sparkly or shiny in particular!


Don't we all... What’s your favourite product?

I love Phoenix! The gold vinyls look stunning and I am partial to a fire & ice!


That's a great choice! What’s your favourite card you own from your PC?

My Mahomes Heroes card.  I love the comic book style.


What card would you most like to own?

A Mahomes Rated Rookie.  I could have bought one recently and I massively regret not doing it!


You can find Laura and all her info & endeavors here, breaking live for us on Whatnot too! Go and show her some love.

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