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Meet The Collector




What sport/sports do you follow?

Ice Hockey 


Ice Hockey is a bit different, love it! What team/s do you follow?

New Jersey Devils or Romford Raiders


Nice! The Hobby has really kicked off again lately, how long have you been a part of it?

I've been collecting cards for 3 years, but I've collected jerseys and pucks for 23 years.


That's a long time... We love the dedication! How did you get into collecting?

I wanted a new lockdown hobby and joined a card breaking group out of curiosity and boredom and now I’m 3 years deep into the hobby!


That's incredible, there's no turning back now! Do you have a favourite product you like collecting?

Yes! Allure hockey, UD ice, OPC Platinum, hit parade mystery pucks, acetate cards & cards with unusual memorabilia such as net cord, pad patch or collar tags. Basically any product that has a high chance of hitting a cool mem or signed card, bonus points if it’s a fun product to open!


Sounds interesting! It's nice to hear someone collecting something a bit different from the popular norm. Do you have any cards that you cherish the most?

UD Premier Ryan O’Reilly jersey collar laundry tag numbered 3/3 & Brodeur panini national treasures triple mem 3 colour dual patch auto


Is there anything you'd like to see in the hobby?

I’d love if Topps or Panini put out an NHL product for the British/Euro market like they do for other sports. The market is definitely there for the product, or even if the products were easier to get in the UK for a reasonable price. Sports Trading Cards UK do a great job but there needs to be more companies getting the products out.


Thanks for your kind words! Do you have any final words or anything you would like the hobby to know?

There are more female collectors than you might think!

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