Meet The Collector: Dan Keane (@sportscardsuk)

Meet The Collector: Dan Keane (@sportscardsuk)

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Meet The Collector: Dan Keane (@sportscardsuk)

Collecting sports memorabilia is a journey unlike any other, filled with passion, excitement, and a deep love for the sports we all know and love. Seeking out rare and unique collectibles for personal collections but also sharing a love for the sports and giving back. In this blog we will highlight some of the individuals making positive waves in the community & the journey they have been on. For our first feature we had a chat with Dan Keane (sportscardsuk), Dan has been collecting since he was 6 years old. 


What sports would you say you follow the most? - 

‘I mainly follow Football and F1 mainly but I like to keep an eye on Golf,

Basketball and American Football.’


Just a few then! Does that mean you follow many teams? - 

‘Fulham, McClaren, Boston Celtics, Pittsburgh Steelers’


How long have you been collecting, and what made you start? - 

‘It all started when I was around 6 with Panini Stickers, but the traditional card collecting didn’t start until about 3 years ago. I’ve been consistently collecting Panini World Cup and Euros sticker albums for over 20 years. I missed out on the Match Attax craze during my school years, but discovered sports card collecting after watching a Gary Vee video. My first sports card was a graded Michael Jordan rookie sticker from

the 1986 Fleer set, which is now one of my most treasured possessions and will never be sold. I initially picked it up as an investment, but soon got hooked on collecting and investing. In 2019, I started a YouTube channel to document my journey and share pulls from boxes. My first purchase was from, and since then I’ve bought and sold over 1000 cards.’


What do you collect and do you own a favourite card? -

My PC (personal collection) only consists of Fulham cards, Roy Keane (as he was my favourite player growing up) and Joanna Jędrzejczyk.

My favorite card is the Michael Jordan rookie sticker, as it was the first card I ever purchased. If I had to choose another, it would be the Arnold Muhren card that my Grandad gave me as a surprise. He sent it to me under a pseudonym and I opened it on my Mail Monday video series. The package also included some great Fulham cards. It wasn’t until later that I figured out it was my Grandad who had sent the package to me!


What’s your favourite product? -

My favourite product of all time has to be the 2018 Optic Donruss Soccer set. I can’t wait for the lates 2023 product to be released which I imagine will be quite similar!


Is there a card you would most like to own? -

My Grail card would certainly be a 1964 George Best Barratt Famous Footballers A12. One of the top players of the game and played for Fulham as well as Man United (my Dad’s team).

If you wanted to know more about Dan & all his channels you can find him on Instagram (sportscardsuk) providing top quality content. Who do you think we should feature next?

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