Meet The Collector: Jamie/@sports_cards_scotland

Another Look At Those Thriving In The Hobby

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Meet The Collector: Jamie/@sports_cards_scotland

Our series introduces us to various collectors in the hobby and highlights key takeaways from our discussions with them. Through their stories, we explore their individual collections, the challenges and triumphs they faced while pursuing their passions, their most prized possessions, and the motivation behind their interests. This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie (@sports_cards_scotland) and gaining insight into his unique perspective. Jamie has recently joined the STCUK family and now breaks for us over at Whatnot. Here's a glimpse into our conversation.


Which sports do you spend most of your time watching?

The sports I follow are professional Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, I do take an interest in Football though.


We haven't had a Wrestling & MMA collector on here yet, Welcome! What football team do you support?

My favourite team Is Hibernian Football Club, same as all my family.


Family usually is the reason you get bitten by the bug. How long have you been collecting, or is it a 'since I can remember' kind of thing?

I've been collecting since I was young but the pandemic was when I really started to dip by toes back into the hobby.


The last couple of years really has seen an influx into the hobby again, but when you were younger was there someone there to influence you or did you discover the world of collecting by yourself?

My mate got into 'breaks' and it was then we really started to enjoy pulling fire cards!


That's a great start, breaks can be thrilling! What do usually collect?

I'm a big Conor McGregor collector, I've been a fan of him for around 10 years now so I will usually collect any set he appears in.



That's a great choice, now what about a favourite card/product? Do you have a standout card from your collection?

My favourite product, that's a hard question! It would have to be between WWE Prizm or UFC Prizm. As for standout card it would have to be the 'Ocho' a 8 patch card with Rooney, Giannis, Federer, Tyson, Durant, Ronaldo, Brady, Trout and its numbered 3/3.



That sounds like a real grem to own... But finally, what's your dream card? The one card you'd love to own over any other.

The card I would love to own the most is a Conor McGregor black prizm 1/1. Unfortunately someone has it and it's far too much money... for now



@sports_cards_scotland Highlights from our First @WWE Prizm break live over on @Whatnot on the account like we do best #undertaker #wwe #prizm #fyp ♬ original sound - Sports cards Scotland



You can find Jamie and all his links here, breaking live for us on Whatnot, on ebay, TikTok & other social platforms . Go and show him some love!

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