Meet The Collector: Kyle/@break.royale_kyle

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Kyle (@break.royale_kyle)

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Meet The Collector: Kyle/@break.royale_kyle

In this series, we get to know various hobby collectors and showcase the who/what/when/where/why behind their involvement in the hobby. By exploring their individual journeys, we reveal insights about their exceptional collections, the challenges and achievements they faced in pursuing their hobbies, their most cherished items, and the motivations that drive their interests. This week, we had the privilege of conversing with Kyle (@break.royale_kyle), who provides a distinctive viewpoint. Kyle is now a member of the STCUK community and presently hosts breaks for us on Whatnot. Get a glimpse into our conversation.



Kyle Fisher


What sport/sports do you follow?

I'm a big fan of NFL, and a splash of Formula 1 though


Nice, there's not as many F1 fans as there used to be. Who are your favourite NFL team/teams?

The ‘Mighty’ Houston Texans and I have a soft spot for the Giants


Go Texans! How long have you been collecting?

About 4 years now


How did you get into sports cards?

My son started collecting Pokemon cards, and while looking for them online one day, I stumbled across sports cards and it went from there ! I bought many individual NFL cards I liked the look of to start with, and then spotted a pile of boxes on an eBay listing and discovered the world of breaking.  I got a Danny Dimes /10 Studio RC in my first break and that was me hooked! I still have that card.


Nice! It really is an easy rabbit-hole to fall down, we wouldn't have it any other way! What do you usually collect?

NFL cards and Dragonball Z (my son collects them and now so do I!)


Sounds like a wholesome family activity to us! Do you have a favourite product?

I’m torn between Contenders and Chronicles. I could rip them all day long and not get bored! I also love Immaculate at the higher end.


Immaculate is such a great set, it's one of ours too. What’s your favourite card you own or do you love them all?

My 2019 Optic JJ Watt Downtown and my Dameon Pierce Immaculate on card rookie auto is a new favourite addition! It is very crisp and he has a really nice looking signature.


And our last question we asked everyone, is there a card would you most like to own? Something you need for your personal collection?

I am still looking for the Daniel Jones 1/1 RC to complete my Studio set, and a JJ Watt Kaboom.


You can find Kyle and all his info & endeavors here, breaking live for us on Whatnot too! Go and show him some love.

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