Meet The Collector: Nick Ludlam

Today we meet Nick, you can find his socials here. IG; @49er_faithful_card_collector, Twitter+IG personal; @nludlam84

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Meet The Collector: Nick Ludlam

Attention all sports collectors! We cordially invite YOU to become the focal point of our exclusive blog series. Share with us your name, the sports you avidly follow, your beloved teams, and delve deep into the captivating story of your collecting journey. Give us an insight into where the hobby started for you and your love for sports cards and all things memorabilia. We can't wait to hear the story behind your most cherished item or perhaps that one card that holds an irreplaceable spot in your heart. Don't hesitate to provide us with any information you deem relevant, we want to know everything! If it revolves around cards and you, we yearn to hear about it.

To take advantage of this opportunity, follow the loose questions below and email your submissions, accompanied by any additional information you think is relevant. Send your entry to, and your story might be featured on our blog. We are brimming with excitement to hear about your unique journey and showcase your love for all things hobby related.



Nick Ludlam (IG; @49er_faithful_card_collector, Twitter+IG personal; @nludlam84) 



Great to speak with you! What sport/sports do you tend to follow?

NFL, MLB and NCAA football but I keep an eye out for scores on the NBA and NHL.


Lots of variety there, we love the NFL. Who are your favourite team/teams?

San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, Stanford Cardinals and San Jose Sharks.



Your IG handle gives that away a bit! You've got some great cards on your page. How long have you been collecting?

Since Jan 2019.


How did you get into sports cards?

After I was was hospitalised in Dec ‘18 and told I likely had multiple sclerosis I decided I was gonna do some things I’d always wanted to do, one of those things was starting collecting sports cards and memorabilia.



That's a tough, but wholesome story. What was the first thing you wanted to collect?

My card collection hasn’t really been narrowed down to specific players but George Kittle is one I look for quite a lot. I will look at most things Niners and Giants.


Kittle is definitely a favourite of ours! Do you have a product that gets you really excited?

Flawless always does some stunning designs and I really like the Prizm & Contenders cards on the whole too, but my favourite designs are the Leaf Trinity Inscription series and Panini Legacy.


We know it may be difficult, but... What’s your favourite card you own?

I can narrow it down to three cards. My contenders Kittle rookie auto, the 2018 Legacy Kittle 1/1 and my Dwight Clarke Flawless Finishes 2016 1/1 



We'd be proud of those ones too... What card would you most like to own/pull?

At the moment I would love to add a Buster Posey patch/auto doesn’t need to be a RPA bit odd love to add one to my collection

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