Our Pre Order Round Up: July

Some Of The Hottest Releases Right Now

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Our Pre Order Round Up: July

Prepare yourself for more thrilling releases as this year continues to shape up to be a good one as more fresh offerings are unveiled. Anticipate a plethora of great looking sets from acclaimed collections that you can pre order now. Mark you calendars and set your reminders! 


2022/23 Panini Contenders Soccer Hobby Box - Est Shipping 10/7

  • 15 cards per pack.
  • 3 packs per box.

Look for 3 autographs or memorabilia cards and 12 parallels per box on average.

Chronicles Soccer returns for the 2022-23 Season with more than 15 Panini brands combined into one collection!

Collect cards from all 20 Premier League teams from popular brands such as Prizm, Gold Standard and Phoenix! Look for 12 parallels per box in 2022-23 Chronicles Soccer including serial numbered and Silver parallels

Unwrap 3 Autograph or Memorabilia cards per box. Look for signers from the past and present of the Premier League in Inserts such as Origins Autographs. Hunt for three different Autograph + Memorabilia Inserts in Limited Jersey Autos, Silhouettes from Crown Royal and the eponymous Cornerstones!

The Chronicles base set includes a variety of Panini brands including some of the most popular brands such as Panini, Playoft, and Illusions as well as the soccer debut of Dynagon, Phoenix and Essentials! Rookies are the name of the game in Chronicles. Find top debutants represented in multiple cardsets including the popular Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket. Look for a roster of autographs including legends and prospects in cardsets from Origins, Contenders, Limited and more! Open new for 2022-23 Memorabilia Inserts from brands including Elements, Zenith, and more! 


2022 Panini Encased Football Hobby Box- Est Shipping 17/7

  • 5 cards per pack. 
  • 1 pack per box.

Look for 1 encased autograph, 1 additional autograph, 2 memorabilia cards, and 1 base or parallel per box on average.

Encased football is loaded with autographs and memorabilia from all of the best rookies and legends that the NFL has to offer! Find two autographs, including one encased auto in a one-touch holder with security sticker,
per box!

Look for on-card autograph cards in sets such as Superscribe Signatures, Legendary Signatures, Rookie Endorsements, Rookie Dual Swatch Signatures, Scripted Signatures, Vaulted Veteran Material Signatures and many more!

Hunt for on-card autographs from the top rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft Class! Find loads of oversized memorabilia cards in Choice Materials, Substantial Rookie Swatches and Gamers Jumbo Jerseys!

New in Encased 2022, Look for new on-card auto sets Milestone Marks and Century Signatures! As well as two new memorabilia sets, Choice Materials and Encore Collection.

Look for a 100-card base set that includes all of the biggest names that the NFL has to offer and be on the lookout for short-print parallels and rare Base Autographs. Be on the lookout for on-card autographs in Rookie Endorsements from all of the best young talent that the 2022 NFL Draft Class has to offer! Look for Superscribe Signatures, which feature on-card signatures from some of the biggest veteran names in the NFL today!

More on-card rookie signatures to hunt, look for Rookie Notable Signatures that will feature autographs from the likes of Kenny Pickett, Aidan Hutchinson, Breece Hall, Chris Olave and many more! Sapphire Signatures boasts a bold blue autograph on a crisp black signing area! Look for Rookie Cap Patch Autographs that showcase on-card autographs from the NFL’s top rookies while featuring unique cap memorabilia!

Find oversized memorabilia cards in Substantial Rookie Swatches that also feature rare prime versions, as well as the ultra-rare 1/1 NFL Shield!
Card images are solely for the purpose of design display. Hunt for quad patch memorabilia cards from some of the biggest names in this year’s freshman class! New to Encased 2022, Choice Materials features some of the biggest names in football past and present!


2022/23 Panini Obsidian Basketball Hobby Box- Est Shipping 10/7

  • 7 cards per pack.
  • 1 pack per box.

Find 2 autographs, 2 inserts/parallels, and 3 base per box on average.

Hobby-Exclusive base parallels include Electric Etch Purple (#’d/99), Electric Etch Orange (#’d/50), Electric Etch Blue (#’d/30), Electric Etch Green (#’d/25), Electric Etch Yellow (#’d/10), Electric Etch Red (#’d/5), Electric Etch White Mojo (One-of-One), and brand new super short-printed Electric Etch Neon Flood!

Collectors can expect to find 2 Autographs per box. Search for Rookie Autographs in sets such as Rookie Jersey Autographs, Rookie Jersey Ink, and Rookie Eruption Autographs. Also, find Autographs of superstar and retired players in sets such as Magmatic Signatures, Galaxy Ink, and more!

Chase after Insert sets such as Equinox, Orbital, Tunnel Vision, Supernova, and short-printed Hobby-Exclusive Vitreous and Volcanix!

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