Unleash Your Passion with Us! 💥

Become the Star of Our Blog Series

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Unleash Your Passion with Us! 💥

Calling all sports enthusiasts! We want to feature YOU in our exclusive blog series. Share your name, the sports you follow, your beloved team(s), and as much as you can about your collecting journey. Discover how your love for sports cards ignited and delve into the specifics of what you collect. We're eager to hear about your favourite product or even the one card that holds a special place in your heart. Don't hesitate to share anything you deem relevant to the hobby—we're all ears! If it's about cards and you, we want to know.

To be a part of this exciting opportunity, see below for some vague questions to get you started on your submissions, followed by any other information you have to provide. Send this over to support@sportstradingcardsuk.com and we may feature it on this blog. We can't wait to hear your story and showcase your passion, cards and all things memorabilia. 


What sport/sports do you follow? 
Who are your favourite team/teams?
How long have you been collecting? 
How did you get into sports cards? 
What do you collect? 
What’s your favourite product?
What’s your favourite card you own?
What card would you most like to own?
We can't wait to hear from you!



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