On This Day: Paul Robinson's 90 Yard Belter

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On This Day: Paul Robinson's 90 Yard Belter
IMAGO / Alex Gottschalk
Football is a game filled with unexpected moments that can become the stuff of legend. One such moment occurred on this day in 2007 when a goalkeeper, typically the last line of defense, turned into an unlikely scorer. Paul Robinson, the former England and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, etched his name into football folklore by scoring a goal from an astonishing distance of 90 yards.

On a day that would be remembered by fans and players alike, Paul Robinson launched a free-kick from within his own half. The ball soared over the entire field, catching the opposing goalkeeper Ben Foster off guard. As the ball bounced in the opposition's penalty area, it took a surprising leap over the stranded goalkeeper and nestled into the back of the net. This rare feat is not only a nod to Robinson's ability to whack the ball but also a reminder of the unpredictable and fun nature of football.
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