Who's Ready For Some Prizes? 🥇

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Who's Ready For Some Prizes? 🥇

Sports Trading Card Enthusiasts!

Thanks so much to all of you who have joined already, we can't wait to battle it out with you! We've enjoyed watching some of your hilarious team names coming in, who's ready to get started?!
If you've ever dreamed of becoming a football manager, now's your chance to showcase your skills and strategic prowess. Our Fantasy Premier League is the ultimate test as you assemble your dream team, there are even prizes to be won.
Manager of the Month Award - £50 voucher to be won EVERY month!
1st Place - £250 voucher
2nd Place - £150 voucher
3rd Place - £75 voucher
Why Join?
  1. Be the Manager: Ever felt frustrated with your favorite team's tactics? Here's your shot at proving you can do better! You'll have the power to pick your starting XI, make transfers, and even decide on the captain for each matchday.
  2. Compete with Fellow Enthusiasts: Join a community of passionate football fans who share your enthusiasm for trading cards and the beautiful game. Challenge your friends, family, and fellow collectors to see who has the keenest football acumen.
  3. Prizes and Glory: Not only will you gain bragging rights among your peers, but we also have exciting prizes lined up for the top-performing managers. The rewards are well worth the challenge.








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