Please read and confirm you agree before submitting your cards. 

  •  You are responsible for ensuring cards arrive safely to Sports Trading Cards UK (hereafter called STCUK), we strongly advise you post with the appropriate insurance cover for your cards, STCUK will accept no liability for lost or damaged cards.
  • Only graded cards can be submitted from the following companies  - PSA, Beckett, SGC & CGC or ungraded factory encapsulated cards eg. Flawless, Panini One, Topps Dynasty etc. STCUK will have final approval on submissions.
  • Cards should have an estimated value of around $100 or higher. 
  • We are scheduled to send consignments to Goldin on the final week of each month, although this may change due to volume. Submissions will be entered into the next weekly auction available once sent by STCUK and having been processed at Goldin. We can’t provide or guarantee a specific week for auction.
  • STCUK do not offer a valuation service, neither STCUK or Goldin provide any guaranteed sale value. All cards submitted will be entered into auctions without reserves or guarantees.
  • Any payouts due following the auction will be paid around 10-14 days after the auction has finished to your UK bank account. See the payout chart for payout details and currency conversion. Currency conversion is the spot rate taken from on the date of payment, rounded down to the nearest GBP. We will also deduct the £10 card submission fee from the final payout.
  • We will contact you for your UK bank details to process your payout once your cards are at Goldin Auctions.
  • Any card that sells for $50 or less on auction finish will receive zero payment.
  • In the rare event of an auction winning non payer (non payment by the auction winner) the card will be resubmitted to the next available auction by Goldins.


Pricing table:

 Sale price Seller receives Seller receives from auction sale  Payout conversion $ to £ (rate on day of transfer)
$49.99 or less £0 £0 -
$50.00 - $2,499 100%  100% $ rate minus 2.5% of total 
$2,500 upwards  100% plus 2% of Buyers Premium 102% $ rate minus 2% of total